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The medical liquid nitrogen dispenser is a tall steel canister with a mid blue base and head.

Contraptions medical. Medical liquid nitrogen dispenser is a junk item in fallout 4. What exactly is a contraption. November 27 2012 at 800 pm filed to. English has a number of words that can be used as general terms for mechanical or electronic devices including gadget gizmo widget and contraption.

What exactly is a contraption. These extraordinary objects are among 2500 featured in brought to life the london science museum s new multimedia website exploring centuries of medical history set of 13 spirit bubbles. Our friends at oobject have assembled. No collection of crazy looking beauty contraptions would be complete without a nod to maksymilian faktorowicz purveyor of fine cosmetics since he opened up shop as max factor in 1909.

Contraptions synonyms contraptions pronunciation contraptions translation english dictionary definition of contraptions. How to use contraption in a sentence. Contraption definition a mechanical contrivance. Understanding the medical entomology program by staff sgt.

Heath robinson a proper name applied to ingenious but overly complicated and impractical mechanical contraptions. Design gadgets health history medicine oobject. Heath robinson 1872 1944 was a british caricaturist whose name became associated with his popular drawings of complicated mechanisms made out of every imaginable piece of junk and held together by the most unconventional means. The nozzle on the top is controlled by a release mechanism at the point it connects to the head of the dispenser.

Contraption definition is device gadget. What are these weird contraptions. Its newer bike one with a contraption that allows users to move the display screen so they can do workouts off the bike met with enormous demand adding to the pressure on peloton. American heritage dictionary of the english language fifth edition.